Fall Reading - Day 5: The Agile Way

I have to keep up my technical skills, and Phil Simon's work is a huge help. When contacted about teaching a short course on the managerial aspects of  business analytics, I suggested they contact Phil instead. They still thought my background would be a better fit for them given my "plugged-in" approach, but were happy to hear I'd use this book in the class. Didn't work out that time, but now I'm prepared....

About my Fall Reading List: Some of these books are new for 2017. Others, published before 2017, may be even more important now than they were when first published... at least for me. You'll see a clear focus on the future of work, as well as some heavy hitting general management books. Some link to my earlier reviews, others I'll just share what I was looking for and what I found. If these sound good to you, here is a set from prior years

I'm trying something new and will be posting one a day. How long will this take? Depends on how fast I read! I started the list early in the summer, but still have a few in the hopper. Here is the full list if you can't wait. Disclaimers: Where I have received a free copy, I have also purchased at least one more. I am using affiliate links.