Fall Reading - Day 6: Blockchain Revolution

This is another book I was reading to be sure I stay a step a head of at least some of my students. If you know that blockchain is something related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but that's about it, this is the book for you. Reading it isn't like sitting down with a novel, but you will get a much better perspective of how blockchain technologies will enable new industries and vast improvements to the ones we have. My favorite is only mentioned in passing -- educational transcripts -- but you'll likely see something that affects the work you do today.

About my Fall Reading List: Some of these books are new for 2017. Others, published before 2017, may be even more important now than they were when first published... at least for me. You'll see a clear focus on the future of work, as well as some heavy hitting general management books. Some link to my earlier reviews, others I'll just share what I was looking for and what I found. If these sound good to you, here is a set from prior years

I'm trying something new and will be posting one a day. How long will this take? Depends on how fast I read! I started the list early in the summer, but still have a few in the hopper. Here is the full list if you can't wait. Disclaimers: Where I have received a free copy, I have also purchased at least one more. I am using affiliate links.