I'm heading home from the 2013 Academy of Management meetings. A conversation with Howard Lewinter (TalkBusinessWithHoward) put a spotlight on the gift of being in a lifelong profession. Academia has always been a social business; we live and die (publish or perish) by building on and sharing the work of others. 

This conference was a tough one as the venues were far apart, but by last night I had been able to at least wave at many of the people I owe the most for their ideas and conversation over the years. Twitter has a #ff (follow friday) genre of post where you share with your followers other people you think deserve to be followed (and I never have enough space). Here is my #AoMC2013 "follow Tuesday" list. Each of these colleagues does "actionable" research. No ivory tower dwellers here. 

This is by no means a complete list of the colleagues who's work I respect and use (pick any of my papers and you can get a feel how broad that list is from the references). These are just the few I had a chance to catch up with this week. For a list of professors active on Twitter, take a look at Top Professors on Twitter (and thank you to LDRLP for including me in this list).