Constellation Orbits, Constellation Research's technology influencer network, has asked me to join them and I happily agreed. My regular posts will now also appear on the Constellation Blog, letting us leverage our conversations about people, technology, and organizational practice. I'll still have the chance to freelance for the Harvard Business Review blog, and Women 2.0, but the Constellation Blog is a great place to tap into the CIO's and other technology gurus in their orbit.

The network launches today (see the announcement here) and is filled with super stars of the tech world...I'll stop with the stellar references now, but it was fun!

My connection with Constellation goes back a bit. I've shared news from Constellation founder, Ray Wang (Next Generation CIOs) and analyst Alan Lepofsky (2012 Outlook). I also had the chance to speak at Constellation's Connected Enterprise 2011 event

I look forward to learning more from this new group of thought leaders... and I'm dying to know who's under embargo!

Orbits Members:

Twitter list of the 19, thank you to Karl Roche for putting it together.