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Professor Terri Griffith brings energy and evidence-based management to issues of modern work design, technology & social media decision-making, and organizational practice.

We all are challenged by shifting tools and techniques and Terri offers clear examples and frameworks for succeeding now and in the future. In sessions from 18 minutes to two days, she gives audiences what they need to know and why they need to know it: Not just leadership, not just technology, but a powerful combination that leverages all your resources.

Clip from Constellation's Connected Enterprise 2011

“Terri's depth and breadth of expertise is sometimes belied by the many ways she makes her detailed research and conclusions so accessible. An engaging speaker, she articulates her three-dimensional model of people+technologies+organizational processes in such a way that both the big picture and the specific opportunities are illuminated. I try to take in her presentations every chance I get!”  Lucie NewcombPresident and CEO, The NewComm Global Group, Inc. November 12, 2011 


Recent Topics

Manage and Lead with All of Your Resources: Becoming a 'Plugged-In' Manager (pdf, Related article in Leadership Excellence)

Employees can’t leverage all their resources if their leaders aren’t thinking about how to mix together people, technology, and process.

Supporting Virtual Teams with Plugged-In Management

Most of us work in some form of a virtual team. This means that every day we are confronted with decisions about where and how to work. Learn to make good choices for your personal work situation and share the outcomes with your organization and partners.

Innovation Silicon Valley Style

Where do innovations come from? Find the best answer for your setting and learn about innovative strategies from Silicon Valley companies. Prizes, crowdsourcing, platforms for innovation - leverage your people, technology, and organizational process to make innovation a constant in your organization.

PARC Forum: Plugged-In Management



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