My grades are in, most of my next term tasks are done, and I've had the chance to reflect on some of my recent posts. I have one follow-up each for my book holiday shopping guide and the post on the value of sharing with colleagues. These are both related to solving problems the complexities our wonderful technology-enabled world presents. 


The first is for ebook fans. A downside of ebook is that they leave nothing but your ereader to be signed if you have the chance to interact with an author. The ebook format has complicated the book-signing event.

Evan Jacobs created a solution, KindleGraph, to serve this need. I recently added The Plugged-In Manager to the books on offer.

Authors signup, readers request an autograph (and can write a brief message to the author), the author receives the request and creates the inscription, then via KindleGraph/Docusign technology, the autograph is either sent directly to your ereader email, or any other email as a pdf. You can create a great collection of autographs that will travel with you across platforms.  

I think it's a simple, useful, and fun alignment of the people (we like momentos), tech (providing a way to esign), & process (making the connection with the author) dimensions.

Guy Kawasaki, who is also a KindleGraph author, has another solution to this problem: Send him a picture of you and his book Enchantment, (I'm guessing that a picture with your ebook version would work) and he'll send you a signed cover. Another plugged-in solution to this problem.


My second suggestion is to share this free offer of LogMeIn -  remote access to desktops from iOS phones or tablets -- with your friends and family. Great emergency access that may save their day and make you a hero.

I'm still looking for more suggestions for my Technology and Organizations holiday shopping guide. Please feel free to add to the comments there - or here.