Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business is adding a new service for its students. Professor of Practice Buford Barr will be heading up a yet to be named group to help students map their courses and their careers more effectively.

Prof. Barr is a marketing and communications expert who has long applied this expertise to helping students with their personal branding. Branding is used in the broadest sense here, everything from designing your capabilities, planning a trajectory, and presenting your capabilities for the long haul.

So what do you call this service that every University needs?

We brainstormed this week, and so far Personal Brand Management is our best suggestion. What do you think?

Prof Barr offers that the goal is to plan, develop, and deliver your personal brand: Creating positive awareness, attitudes, and responses towards you and your work.

Today's job dynamics require this thoughtful approach from the time a student is a freshman, through Commencement (Prof Barr notes that graduation is called Commencement, not Finishing, for a reason), and onto what we hope is a long and fulfilling career. This career is likely to have more different jobs than careers of the past.... This means that on-going preparation for the future is even more important for these students.

Personal brand management will include everything from thoughtful course selection, internship selection, personal decorum, and how to get the most from each job. This service is in addition to the work of the Career Center.

Prof. Barr and others have written about these topics and the following resources provide great background until the formal opening of the program: