I just launched my first online workshop: Negotiation: Problems Solved, Not Battles Fought. I've taken the material from my half-day workshop on negotiation basics and transformed it into what I hope is a great online experience. Whether you use negotiation formally or as part of your plugged-in practice, these techniques have great value. In fact, the Mixing chapter of my book, The Plugged-In Manager, is built on these negotiation ideas. 

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Video is the new "1 page memo"

We all need to learn to communicate in visual nuggets. Human, technical, and organizational aspects all come together as you try and share a complex skill with others. In this course I use a variety of techniques for engagement and clarity:

  • Limited "talking head" video
  • Live action of other related events
  • Student self-study and reflection
  • Simulation with online entry so you can compare to others
  • Voice over "white/blackboard"
  • Voice over screencasts to show examples

I'm happy to share with you what I learned while developing the workshop -- Ask away

In some ways, I can see that this style of teaching has benefits over even face-to-face interactive workshops. Ideally, we'd have a combination of both online self-paced work and face-to-face interaction. I'm fortunate to be testing that hybrid model with this material in the spring for a private corporate program and will share their reviews here.

Many thanks to Michael Griffith and Gloria Hofer for their instructional technology and videography support.