Megan Murray and Euan Semple have a relatively new podcast and I'm already a big fan. In Episode 3 of Shift, they highlight some of the foundational reasons for leading by letting go. Great knowledge is available to our organizations if we let go of formal hierarchies long enough to let that knowledge flow freely to where it is needed. "[T]his notion that you have control in the first place.. is just an illusion...."

Rather than worry about regaining control, take advantage of sharing control

A great way to spend 40 minutes, or they start on this particular point around 13:45:


From the Business-Shift page:

Podcast No.3 in which we talk about:

  • The pros and cons of video and audio in business use of social.
  • The challenges of sticking your neck out at work.
  • When the inside meets the outside and losing control.
  • We take a look at what happened at HMV and Applebee.
  • The need to battle the forces of entropy.

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