We're closing in on true innovation in general aviation. For example, this week Synergy Aircraft was able to convince crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that its project was appropriate (story on initial rejection). The result is that Synergy is almost half-way to their $65k goal and the ability to build a full-scale prototype.


Fund at the $100 level and be in line for a ride in the prototype... I did!

Bob Waldron, innovation follower extraordinaire says,

We need to promote the Synergy Kickstarter project so they hit their funding goal and create more interest within the aviation community and the Kickstarter community for aviation innovation Kickstarter projects!

I'm in complete agreement with Bob. A kickstarter success for Synergy opens up a world of opportunity for experimental aircraft. We've seen foundations, NASA, and Google have success with electric aircraft competitions. Crowdfunding lets the rest of us get involved with aviation innovation.