This week we premier our 21st Century Management executive education program. Designed and offered at Northwestern University’s James L. Allen Center, the program is five days offering:

  • How to lead with all your resources — human, technical and organizational — working in concert
  • How distributed teams, crowdsourcing, cross-cultural settings, and “new machine age” opportunities lead to broader, organization-wide considerations (e.g., building a strategic platform, creating a social business)
  • Key issues that arise during organizational transformation; developing tools for managing challenges, mitigating risk, and balancing priorities
  • New methods for motivating others, engaging teams, and leveraging innovation and networks
  • How to use social network analysis to understand 21st century opportunities


My sessions cover Thursday and Friday, but I’ve had the opportunity to preview many of the slide decks and I’m happily familiar with the work my co-conspirators presented earlier in the week:

Holly Raider has nurtured a seed of an idea into an actionable session for executives.
Mohanbir Sawhney kicked off the week with material from his book, Fewer, Bigger, Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth, and more. 
Nosh Contractor and Paul Leonardi are colleagues with amazing breadth. Here they focused on social networks, strategy, and change.
Loren Nordgren painted a picture of “Motivation 3.0” that I look forward to sharing the next time I cover the topic in my own classes.


Background and More

To any of the involved executives -- here are links to some of the material we will cover and a couple of sneak peeks at what I’ll suggest for further reading (for the rest of you, think of it as a teaser and join us in one of our upcoming versions in July or December):