I haven't read The Progress Principle yet, but only because it isn't available until August. I did hear Harvard Professor Teresa Amabile speak on the topic last night at the PARC Forumand am looking forward to the book. Teresa Amabile is a top creativity scholar and it's a pleasure to see her talk about her work. The research forThe Progress Principle included three industries, seven companies, 26 creative teams, 238 professionals, over 12,000 person/days of diary data and performance estimates from co-workers and managers. What can you apply today from this book that isn't out yet? Create situations where you, your team, your employees can see progress in their work. According to Amabile & Kramer's research, having a day where you see progress is more important than recognition, clear goals, incentives, or interpersonal support. Prof. Amabile acknowledged that these dimesions are related, but that the clearest support is found for progress: "forward momentum in meaningful work." Thank you to Prof. Amabile and PARC for the thought provoking presentation.