The most difficult thing for modern managers to do is make effective use of all their resources. Many of us are tech, people, or process-focused and don't naturally use all three dimensions in concert as we manage and build organizations, teams, or even just do our own work. Plugged-in managers are different. Plugged-in managers are people who see choices across each the situation's dimensions of people, technology, and organizational processes and then mix them together into new and powerful organizational strategies, structures, and practices.

My research, this blog, and your comments have led to a book, The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization and Thrive. Jossey-Bass is the publisher and we're scheduled for an October 2011 release. This post is a transition. I've been talking about these ideas as systems savvy, and even further back as TOP Management, but now I'm going to be consistent with how the ideas are presented in the book. Plugged-in managers have three key practices:

  • Stop-Look-Listen -- They Stop and reflect, Look at available data, and Listen to feedback
  • Mix -- They mix solutions that balance the people, technology, and organizational process involved
  • Share -- They share their savvy with colleagues so being plugged-in becomes the standard way of doing things

I've talked about these practices before, but I believe they will be easier to hang onto and share with your colleagues in this new form. Thank you for the help along the way! Now... what's the biggest question you have about Plugged-In Management?