Today the White House is hosting the Workplace Flexibility Forum. The goal is to create workplace practices that are family-friendly and business-valuable. This will take systems savvy - the ability to see opportunities across technology, organization, and people and to then weave these dimensions together in a powerful new form. White House
Creative Commons License photo credit: M☮nique The forum is to be attended by CEOs, small business owners, labor leaders, and workplace policy experts. Each will bring a different background and set of requirements to the table. Ideally, especially with this diversity, they will consider new ways of intertwining technology capabilities and organizational practices and then negotiate an implementation that makes the new form stick and be valuable to all the stakeholders. The Wall Street Journal discussion of the Forum gives me hope that they can meet their goals:
Whether the administration can find any middle ground remains to be seen, but advocates of workplace flexibility are excited. “We have to break out of these silos,” said one advocate this week. “This is a watershed event. The White House is saying the issues faced by working families are critical, and that we have to look at workplace policies that make business sense.”
Breaking out of technical, organizational, and regulatory silos will be critical to their success. Let's all wish them the best. You can follow the action live on the White House Facebook feed starting at 1:15 EDT.