Google Squared is a new Google search feature.  The question for me is how we can use our own "proactive integration" to make this an even more powerful knowledge management tool?  By proactive integration I mean the personal combination of information or knowledge into a new idea or understanding.  When we read a variety of reports and come to our own conclusion about overall trends, for example, that is proactive integration. Google Blogoscoped provides a nice review, but the basics:
  • Your search is presented in spreadsheet form: Items matching the search are presented in the first column, some other columns may automatically appear (I did a search of "Management Journals" -- image, description, ISSN, telephone, publisher were automatically added)
  • You can add different columns (e.g., I added rank and peer reviewed)
  • You can delete results that don't fit and then ask for more instances to be added
  • Each column provides a link to its source, and the confidence around its value
Google Squared gives us the opportunity to either blindly collect a spreadsheet of information, or to carefully craft searches that help us create new insights. Google Squared Search of "Management Journals" I haven't had a chance to play with Wolfram Alpha.  How do you think it compares in terms of pushing for our own deep and active thinking?