Erik Schonfeld summarizes the Abrams Research Social Media Survey (pdf) in his TechCrunch article Survey Of Insular Social Media Elite Says: Twitter Is Better Than Facebook For Businesses. As he notes, this is a biased population, but they are well informed about the features and how companies are using the tools. Two key questions were:
1. Which social media service would you be most likely to pay for? Facebook 32.2% Linkedin 29.7% Twitter 21.8% YouTube 13.4% MySpace 1.5% Digg 1.5% 2. What social media service would you advise a business pay for? Twitter 39.6% Linkedin 21.3% YouTube 18.8% Facebook 15.3% Digg 3.0% MySpace 2.0%
I'm a bit surprised about YouTube being below LinkedIn. I can see Twitter as gaining value for collaboration, same for Facebook or something like it. LinkedIn perhaps is gaining votes given the possibility of mining your network for leads, but that could also be their demise. YouTube is an open resource for training (see CommonCraft post) and video has its own unmined value. Corporate Usage:
4. Which corporation has done the best job of using social media? (Respondents were asked to choose one; these were the most popular choices, ranked accordingly) 1. Zappos (online shopping site) 2. Obama (campaign and presidency) 3. CNN 4. Comcast (“Comcast Cares”) 5. Jetblue 6. Dell 7. Burger King 8. NPR 9. New York Times 10. Ford
Some of these firms are using social media for marketing, some for management, and some for both. Please see my prior posts on Zappos and the U.S. Government One, Two for examples and issues of organizational use of social media tools.