2019 Dean's List: Higher Ed IT Influencers

Every year EdTech Magazine Higher Education puts together a list of influencers/bloggers/content creators focused on the future of education. I’m honored to have been named to the list for the last three years. See me on the bottom right? As a Carnegie Mellon alum, especially excited to join Carnegie Mellon University's Integrated Innovation Institute on the list.


From podcasts to products, the list includes people and their work focused on the future of education. However, even though the list is focused on higher education, I expect every person on the list agrees that the future of education is about the full mosaic — all the different ways of learning we need throughout our lives and careers.

My take is that all of us see the need to leverage technology in education — both formal and informal — such that we offer our students the foundations they need to learn on their own. As I think about a mosaic of education, I see it built both from the top down (the work we do with formal education), as well as bottom up (the work that our students do on their own).

You’ll be seeing even more of a bottom up approach in this blog this year. I’m doing a deep dive on bottom up, democratic, uses of artificial intelligence (AI). The more we all leverage AI ourselves, for our own work, the more likely AI is to augment our work rather than replace it. Plugged-In Management, Thinking in 4T, the broad ideas I talk about here, can all be applied to use AI in supportive ways.

2020 is a milestone. I commit to offer value to the EdTech community such that I can make the 2020 list! Please stay tuned to see me work through an application of Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler and Holberg Prize Winner Cass Sunstein’s ideas from Nudge to the use of AI in our work. If you think you have examples of such applications — please be in touch.

Congratulations to all the people named to the list. Please take a moment to see and share the great work they do.