They care in that they hire and partner with organizations that want to learn from data (more on that soon). They care in that they have 10% unstructured time so employees have time to think about new ideas. They care in that they support technologies, like Brainstorm, to gather ideas from their employees. These ideas are all part of informal learning. Intuit also has a strong focus (and provides resources for) formal learning. Interesting career site here -- explore. Recently I had the pleasure of being the first guest on Intuit's new video series, Innovation Exchange. This discussion with Tad Milbroun gave me another opportunity to think about all the systems that make Intuit the company that it is.

This conversation raised questions for me similar to those from my friend's nephew, "what companies care about employee development?" -- Earlier this week, I responded with these five companies (click link).

Besides these six, when you include Intuit, what other organizations do you see supporting employee development throughout all the systems of their organization?