My GigaOM WebWorkerDaily editor asked all the freelancers to submit position statements. Looking back atmy posts there (all focused on collaboration and webwork -- in this blog I have a broader range of topics), I came up with this position statement.

Mixing together people, technology, and organizational process for effective work. That’s my careermy book, and I hope, all my posts. I never want to just talk about a human tendency, a technology tool, or a organization process as a single dimension - they must be mixed to be effective or even understood.

The posts I’m most proud of are what I think of as “handy hints for modern work -- with insightful justifications.” That said, the product reviews also seem to do well, though perhaps because the company is pushing the post. For those I always make clear that the source must talk about the organization process as well as the tool. I never offer a straight review. I’ve followed collaboration and innovation management tools for a while - now that I think about it, since 1988.... My bias is that I see all work as virtual or integrated with some technology in some way. One of my favorite sections in The Plugged-In Manager talks about how the hospital staff were able to integrate toilets into an important process change for patients... though I don’t submit stories like that to WebWorkerDaily. Two questions:

  • Do you agree that this is what I do?
  • Do you wish I covered something else either in addition to this or instead of this?

Some of my favorite WebWorkerDaily posts: