Steven & Diane Keng are trying to bring me into their reality.  Think back to the days when using the Internet meant FTPing to a directory and looking for files... Now imagine someone told you what a browser might be doing for you 17 years later.  You would understand the basic advantages and be intrigued by the possibilities.  That’s where I am with MyWeboo.  I understand the basic benefits and I suspect it could change the way I interact with the Web. From the MyWeboo site:

  • Manage your pictures, videos, social networks, widgets, blogs, and your entire digital world in one place
  • After setting up your accounts, you no longer need to sign in to another web site to manage your content.
  • Doesn’t just aggregate social networks, but allows you to actually push data out
  • The data under the Drives belongs to that Social Network
  • Manage your world from one location

MyWeboo uses a “drive” metaphor to bring the Internet all to one tab of your browser.  Log in to your MyWeboo account, link your accounts (or use the free 1G), then interact with these accounts all from one place -- with the ability to share those “drives.” Cool, a nice sharable drive system.  Now add “action tabs.” When you’ve linked your social media sites (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.), you have the area where you mange your content -- and you have a tab where you can see the activity stream.  You can do drag and drops from one account to another, share (or not). The different social media sites are now acting like “drives.” I’m still trying to get my head around how this would change my workflow, but as I say above, I have suspicions that MyWeboo is a bigger deal than just shared drives and a common platform for social media interaction. Take a look at their demo page, or better yet try a free account. (Steven is a Santa Clara University alum.  Diane is an incoming SCU freshman!  They founded MyWeboo this year and have been hard at work adding features.)