Neeraj of the ideas-innovation blog and I seem to be coming to the same conclusion -- this is an exciting and vocal time in terms how individuals are seen to interact with innovation. We're in good company. As Neeraj notes "I feel there is a similarity between the Idea proposed by Seth Godin of people joining Tribes/communities for a meaning & being relevant & in Tim Brown's Idea of Consumers becoming participants." I agree. Over the last week I've shown Tim Brown's IdeasProject interview and Seth Godin's TED talk in my Technology and Innovation Management class. My last post also focused on the Brown interview. Neeraj gives me the opportunity to continue the discussion here. Here are the parallels: Tim Brown:
On one level, you could argue that we all have to become design thinkers. It’s one of those social skills that we all need, that we all have to be able to figure out how to solve problems creatively and to participate, in order to be able to participate.
Seth Godin:
What exactly do the people who are watching this do every day? And I want to argue that what we do is we try to change everything.... we try to find something that's itching to be changed, and we change it. That's what we do for a living now, all of us I think, is find something worth changing and then assemble tribes, that assemble tribes, that spread the idea and spread the idea...
Neeraj and I come to the idea from slightly different directions, but the key point is the same: technologies are giving people, all of us, the ability to innovate and participate in systems not broadly possible before. We all have to become systems designers to effectively engage with our work and social environments. My plan is to keep this discussion going. We're asking a lot of people to become systems designers on the fly. Not everyone has systems savvy. What are the capabilities we all need, and how can we get them?