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Workshop: Becoming a Plugged in Manager

  • Embassy Suites Santa Clara (map)

Many of us are technology-, people-, or process-focused -- we don't naturally use all three of these critical organizational dimensions at the same time as we manage, participate in teams, or even just do our own work. "Plugged-in managers" are different. They never try to solve a problem with just a single silver bullet. They see choices across a situation’s dimensions of people, technology, and organizational processes/ resources, and then are able to "mix" them together into new -- and powerful -- organizational strategies, structures, and practices. 

In this workshop, we will develop your own plugged-in skills to let you lead with all your human, technical, and organizational resources. This isn’t about using technology all the time, but rather making productive choices for you, your team, and your organization.


 Learn about the three key dimensions of plugged-in management

 Strategize using the three practices of a plugged-in manager

 Take what you already know about negotiation and/or communication and apply it to improve your work more broadly

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