Organization Science Winter Conference
Feb 5

Organization Science Winter Conference

  • Grand Summit Lodge

The 23nd Annual Organization Science Winter Conference is sponsored by Organization Science and is devoted to the topic of Knowledge Creation, Retention, and Transfer in Organizations. We will highlight points of intersection across research in management, organization theory, psychology, economics, and sociology and to bring to the fore themes that address organizational learning and knowledge.  

Leading Into the Future: Managing in a Changing World
May 26

Leading Into the Future: Managing in a Changing World

  • Northwestern University

The world is changing faster than ever. New fields – like networks, geographically dispersed work teams, content marketing, and mindfulness – are now critical to leadership. As new ideas emerge at the frontiers of management, leaders seeking to capitalize on these concepts want to know how to lead for the future. 

In this program, Kellogg faculty and I address the leading edge of changes in the world, managerial responses and tools. Participants will examine these fast-paced changes including evolving demographics and emerging technology; explore innovative marketing, talent management, operations and leadership concepts; and ultimately come away with a cutting-edge approach to leadership in today’s organization. Click here for more details