New Ideas. New Analysis. New Performance.


Terri Griffith's passion is understanding how new and old technologies, organizational practices, and skills can be woven together to achieve strategic and performance targets today -- and how to learn from the results so tomorrow's performance is even better.

Her main areas of research and consulting include:

  • Work design for innovation and high performance (including crowd-sourcing, artificial intelligence, the gig-economy, and broad organizational analysis)
  • Virtual team collaboration and knowledge management
  • Design thinking and negotiating change

Here are some examples from organizations that have worked with Terri:


Fortune 100 Technology Company

Accomplishments: Created custom measures of knowledge agility and engagement with technical communities of practice.

Insights: Data from over 800 engineers indicates the value of knowledge agility and employees engagement with their professional communities for employees’ ability to find and use their community’s knowledge. Follow-on analysis demonstrated increased customer satisfaction from better-informed projects.

Leading EU Freelancer Association

Accomplishments: (Ongoing) Policy analysis focused on artificial intelligence and freelance work.

Insights: While freelance work and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in day-to-day activities are both growing, organizations and freelancers are scrambling to understand the most effective ways to design work using this new flexibility and power. There is an opportunity for professional associations, government, and corporations to provide access to education and artificial intelligence resources that may not be available to individuals or small enterprises. Learning to think in 4T (Target, Talent, Technology, & Time) is critical for individual, teams, and organizations as we redesign work.



Fortune 100 Science Company Headquarters

Accomplishments: Assessed 39 teams for research and development performance. Evaluated membership, practices, and technology support.

Insights: How to leverage team member experience through a strong knowledge-sharing climate, supported by team leaders with a breadth of research and business experience. Showed it is possible to maintain a centralized R&D approach and still address market-focused milestones.

Global Fortune 100 Technology Company

Accomplishments: Co-designer of two-day executive program leveraging the negotiation skills of company’s global supply chain leadership.

Insights: Even with experienced negotiators, the application of a disciplined framework for negotiation has immediate benefits. The organization is tracking business outcomes and looking toward the third expansion of the program.



European Telecom Headquarters

Accomplishments: Measured how the work itself provided feedback and how this feedback and use of technology-supported employees’ gaining knowledge to work independently in more and less virtual settings. Contrasted the results with those from a more traditional transportation organization.

Insights: Feedback from the work itself and technology support of work have the strongest relationship with employee engagement. Supervisor electronic communication also plays a role in some situations. Suggested work design shifts to strengthen engagement and possible performance.


Global Leaders from Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations

Accomplishments: Co-designer and "closer" for week-long executive program. Now in its fourth year, this program helps leaders integrate design thinking, technology, and organizational design -- while designing a specific change for their organization. 

Insights: Information is easy; action is hard. Specific techniques help leaders overcome analysis paralysis.


Global Transportation Company

Accomplishments: (Ongoing) Broad evaluation of organizational design and use of non-traditional participants from around the world - developing a crowd-powered organizational form. Working toward a process and design template to support passionate contributors for sustained organizational efforts - not just idea generation.

Insights: Contributor engagement and innovation is highest when the central organization serves to catalyze the community through resources rather than control. Micro-tasks are not required to scale performance and contributions.


Spanish Multi-National

Accomplishments: Lead global team of executives through multi-day custom team leadership and negotiation training. 

Insights: Negotiation skills offered as critical to change management in complex environments.


Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Start-up

Accomplishments: (Ongoing) Helped founding team with ideas of fast-prototyping, audience understanding, competitive analysis, product perception, and presentation design.

Insights: Deep expertise of founding-team allows them to adjust their roadmap to early customer demands.


US-Focused Mentoring Organization

Accomplishments: Leveraged negotiated change approaches as non-profit moved to a modern digital platform and social network.

Insights: Power of corporate partners and clean client-focused design were critical to the relaunch. Almost immediately became a merger target, now able to share student support with much larger reach.


Three Auto Assembly Plants

Accomplishments: Administered customized before and after measurements during statistical process control automation implementation. Customization included deep interviews across all levels of the organization. Documented work design adjustments given changes in data availability and technical requirements.

Insights: Assessments of new work tools begin with the first mention of the possibility of change. The negotiated change needs to begin even before that first mention.


Regional Financial Services Company

Accomplishments: Assessed company's efforts to maintain top-managerial motivation through a unique form of top-management job swapping.

Insights: The program helped prevent career gridlock, fostered management diversity, and supported succession planning. Addressed hidden costs and benefits of the program and issues concerning its implementation.


Cross-cultural Assessment of Electronic Meeting System

Accomplishments: Designed assessment process to evaluate cultural differences driving different implementation outcomes for new technologies. Evaluated the rigidity of implementation frames (a set of assumptions or perceptions about the new technology) in more and less communal cultures.

Insights: Technology users in the more communal culture, at least in our initial sessions, were more firmly anchored to the frame presented by the facilitator. If flexibility in technology use is required in more communal settings, the implementation strategy itself must focus on that goal.