Praise for The Plugged-In Manager:

  • "The Plugged-In Manager is required reading for every modern leader. Griffith shows that the best managers don't become fixated on, or freaked out by, the onslaught of new technologies. Instead, the best bosses blend these tools with the right talents and organizational designs so they can whomp the competition and create a place where people love to work." Robert I. Sutton, professor, Stanford University; and bestselling author, Good Boss, Bad Boss
  • "You won't enchant people with a new product or service if it doesn't mix well with your employees. Read The Plugged-In Manager and make yourself more enchanting, more powerful, and more "with it."" Guy Kawasaki, best-selling author, Enchantment; and former chief evangelist, Apple
  • "Want to help your organization kick ass in the marketplace? Read this book. It will prepare you to manage for this century, when most management books prepare you to lead in the last one. Nilofer Merchant, behavioral strategist; and author, The New How
  • "Required reading -- accessible, clear, authoritative, and practical." Barry Z. Posner, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership; and professor of leadership, Santa Clara University
  • "Macrowikinomics outlines why and how we urgently need to reboot business and the world. The Plugged-In Manager opens eyes as to how we can move our organizations to that future." Don Tapscott, coauthor, Macrowikinomics

Publisher's Review of The Plugged-In Manager

Get In Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization to Thrive

Terri L. Griffith

A game-changing approach to management published by Jossey-Bass in Fall 2011.

Too often discussions of management practice focus exclusively on managing people and organizational issues. Rarely, however, do they incorporate a discussion about technology or address all three dimensions in a balanced way. When they do, the result is game changing. In our hypercompetitive environment, those managers who are outstanding at being plugged into their people, technology, and organizational processes simultaneously excel at coming up with effective business solutions.

The Plugged-In Manager makes the case that being plugged-in—the ability to see choices across each of an organization's dimensions of people, technology, and organizational processes and then to mix them together into new and powerful organizational strategies, structures, and practices—may be the most important capability a manager can develop to succeed in the 21st century. Step by step Griffith shows you how to acquire this ability.

  • Shows what it takes for business managers to succeed as technology and organizations become more and more complex
  • Profiles exceptional leaders and organizations who are plugged-in, such as Tony Hsieh, CEO of
  • Offers a fresh look at management issues.

Filled with compelling case studies and drawing on first-hand interviews, The Plugged-In Manager highlights this often neglected managerial capability and the costs of only focusing on one dimension rather than all three.


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Chapter One:

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