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Technology and Organizations Makes the Top 50 Engineering Professor Blog List!

This nice news came in the morning email.  The folks at "The Engineering a Better World Blog" compiled an interesting list: "From macroelectronics and quantum computing to student life or surviving as a woman, see the world of engineering from those on the inside." Santa Clara's Eric Goldman's blog on Technology and Marketing Law also made the list, as did Harvard's Andrew McAffee (The Business Impact of IT).

Facebook and Project Management

I've been meaning to write about Facebook and project management.  It's taken me a while because I'm "on" Facebook, but don't do much work via Facebook.  I know renegade teams in Fortune 100 firms who do -- so this has kept me wondering what they see that I don't.  (I tend to use home built Google Sites to support my projects.) I started my research with a search on "Facebook project management."  I also tried "Basecamp," a popular project management tool, and "Facebook" in a separate search.  B

Esther, please take me with you

I've had the pleasure of many chats inspired by Esther Dyson's Tusd night presentation at the IT/Software Development Execs Meetup.  The session was mostly driven by questions from the audience, and given Esther's broad experiences, the questions ranged from Russia to Mars and everywhere in-between. [caption id="attachment_621" align="aligncenter" width="183" caption=""]
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  • Design and Value of "Big Data"

    Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.  San Francisco transit connections being what they are, I missed some of the opening keynotes, but luckily I didn't miss Jeff Veen's Designing for Big Data. Jeff's presentation echoed some of my thoughts -- we have access to much more data than ever

    Innovate Like Edison

    One of the benefits of living in the Silicon Valley is the ability to interact with the world's great innovation experts.  Early in the week it was Vint Cerf at Stanford, and today, at my own Santa Clara University, Sarah Miller Caldicott.caldicott Ms.

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